These are signaling substances that act at distant sites.

      Rhythmic patterns are well-known to impact aspects of human function including fertility, immunity, metabolism, mental health and even growth.

      Survival is dependent on rhythmic precision.

      The implications of hormonal rhythms are vast and extend into treatment arenas where timing may be critical to treatment efficacy.


Discovered in 1655 by Christian Huygens using pendulums, it is a principle of physics that describes the tendency for two oscillating bodies to vibrate in synchrony.   

It also refers to phase-locking of two or more rhythmic cycles.

Geese fly 70% more efficiently by entraining to the leader's flight tempo.  

​In humans, biological rhythms are often entrained to external cues.

Rhythmical entrainment in group drumming refers to the natural process of assimilating the beat of another.

The more relaxed you become, the easier it it!


​   Breathing rhythms have been studied extensively throughout the ages by many cultures. While under autonomic (automatic) control, we can also alter our breathing rhythms and patterns.  It is not surprising that practices including Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Guided Imagery and Meditation focus on the breath to create a rhythm of heightened focus and relaxation.         

*THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS TAKEN FROM  "Group Empowerment Drumming - Facilitator Training Manual - 2006​RHYTHMACOLOGY   

   Written by Barry Bittman, MD - Christine Stevens, MT-BC,MSW,MA and Karl Bruhn


     These rhythms follow a daily cycle.  Repeating themselves  roughly every 24 hours, circadian rhythms are basically under genetic control.

     Internal and external clues such as light, modulate and entrain circadian rhythms and synchronize them to environmental signals.

      Our circadian oscillator is a metronome called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) which is found in the hypothalamus.


         Group drumming promotes health!  It combines a number of proven benefits.   Group drumming is highly cost-effective - its exceedingly low cost/benefit ratio ensures affordability in practically any setting.   ...It establishes an invaluable bond with your community and shows you really care.


​     These signaling  substances acting at the synaptic level are the chemical portion of the electro-chemical system that enable nerve cells to SING TO EACH OTHER.

    It is helpful to view these substances as chemical messengers that literally turn "on" or "off" specialized circuits that orchestrate biological rhythms.

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  The electrical activity of the brain is measured by the electroencephalogram (EEG).  The EEG reflects the sum total electrical activity produced by billions of neurons in specific regions.


EEG activity is characterized (in progressive order) by delta, theta, alpha, and beta rhythms.

​Neuroscientists are searching for ways to better understand the process of entrainment, and how specific rhythms are associated with health and disease.


  The electrical activity of the heart is measured by the electrocardiogram (EKG).  

  The EKG depicts the electrical activity produced by cells and pacemakers in specific heart regions.

  Our heart rate is not constant - variability is measured by beat-to-beat interval changes which vary as the heart speeds up or slows down.

   Although the heart is under autonomic (automatic) control, WE CAN LEARN TO ALTER ITS RHYTHM!


     This a term to describe the interdisciplinary study of rhythm.   It begins with innate biological rhythms and extends to personal and group

expression in the form of EMPOWERMENT DRUMMING.

    Rhythm is essential for wellness.  Our innate rhythms condition our health and establish a delicate biological balance often referred to as "homeostasis."

    We're convinced Recreational Music-Making can help us reestablish that balance when we are STRESSED by the many PRESSURES that exist in our lives.


     These rhythms are more prevalent than you might imagine.

      In fact, few aspects of human biology are static!  Homeostasis, or internal balance, is maintained by biological rhythms.

      Our health can be viewed as a masterful orchestration of complex rhythms, some of which can be entrained.

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